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"Hmm… I wonder if I can file this project under Tracy’s things and make him do it…"



"Hmm… I wonder if I can file this project under Tracy’s things and make him do it…"

Reblog if you’re ok with other characters developing crushes on your characters.


   Just to let people know that you will not be upset or uncomfortable if their characters do develop crushes and act/make advances to your characters! Also if you’re ok with certain characters but not others than please specify!  (◡‿◡)


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It reminds me of long conversations with Gramps telling me how I was never to do them or he’d be disappointed… and probably have a heart attack.

Now Ah don’ think a heart attack wuld be an appropriate response ta that.

No, not really but he likes to over dramatize things so I won’t do them.


Red straightened himself up off the ground large metal teeth in hand. He hadn’t heard that voice in ages. He’d missed it. Red looked up. “Working.” He answered simply, the smallest of grins pulled at the corners of his mouth. “What brings you up in the snow?” He cocked his head ever so slightly. Gary had never been a fan of cold weather so this would probably prove to be important instead of a pleasantry visit. Pikachu came bounding from the brush and jumped up to Reds shoulders.

"Piiii-kaaaa!" He rubbed his cheek against Reds softly. The champion scratched under the chin of his companion. He looked back at his long missed friend, expectantly.

Arcanine stopped just short of trampling over Red, turning to the side so his Master and his friend could converse without talking over his head. “We’re expecting a Blizzard, My Gramps- err..” More Respect, he had to remind himsef- though old habits died hard. “Grandpa wanted me to come check on you, and try and coax you off the mountain before the storm hits if I can.”

He rubbed the back of his large Fire Wolf’s neck and it knelt slightly to let him down. He tugged the collar of his jacket tighter to himself before crossing his arms in front of himself. “It’s supposed to get really nasty, and he and your Mom are worried.”

can you blaze it, oaky pokey?

..I might’ve in my more adventurous years. Not a lot of time to now that I work at the lab, but I might if I got the chance. 

And had the day off so I could not be around my Grandfather while I do it. He’s stupid perceptive on that type of thing. 

".... psssttt"

What on earth? May I help you?



you’r e goign to feel my homo

teacher he’s threatening me with his homo

OoC: I am seriously dying of laughter. I’m so glad I followed you. xD


Once Red was sure the area was clear he set off to check the far side of his snow covered hills. His movements were careful though automatic from the amount of time he’d spent here. He felt pikachu shiver from inside his jacket and the electric mouse snuggled closer into him. “Almost done.” He murmured, “do you want to wait where it’s warm?” The electric mouse shook his head and Red continued on. The path he was taking was a little more forested so it would provide good coverage, perhaps even a little less cold, but Red didn’t notice anymore. Even in his short sleeved jacket he didn’t shiver and never complained of the weather.

Red froze for a moment when he heard a small cry. Pikachu quickly climbing to the boys shoulder, his ears twitching at attention. The Champion followed the sad cries until he found the source. A Sneasel came into view, clawing at the snow trying to get free from a large Ursaring trap that had snapped shut. Red quickly dropped to the trap, sliding his bag off to the side of him. The Sneasel freezing in fear and uncertainty. Pikachu hopped off of his trainer and moved to the wild Pokemon chattering softly. He released the trap and pulled a potion from his bag quickly spraying the injury for quick healing before he pat her on the head and bagged the trap. Pikachu hopped back to his shoulders. This was the ninth one he’d come across. The Sneasel fled, probably for home. He went to searching for traps an dismantling them. This trip might last longer than he originally planned, but it was for the better.

Arcanine bounded through the snow leaping up and out before sinking back in. In some parts it barely came up to his paws, and in others Gary could feel it on his feet. He hated stalking around in the snow, but he hated not knowing where he was going in all this mess. Besides ‘Look for a half-frozen champion’ he’d no idea what to go off of.

His Fire-type lept up and over one of the hills he caught sight of red in all of the white. That had to be him, only Red was crazy enough to be out in this mess in short sleeves. Gary urged his Pokemon closer and they slowed down to a trot as they approached the other trainer.

"Ey, What in Arceus’ name do you think you’re doing?!" He shouted at the other as they drew close.